Records Storage and Management

Sherlock has secure and reliable records storage services that free up office space and makes files more readily available.

Solutions for - Healthcare Solutions

Painless Electronic Medical Records. Transitioning to EMR is a painful and daunting task. Sherlock has solutions that enable easy migration from paper to digital format.

Paperless solutions

Sherlock's exciting new product suite CentreView allows businesses to go paperless with a solution that fits their needs and budget.

Sharepoint Imaging & ECM

Collaborate within your organization while having your electronic content in front of you at all times. All of this can be done at an economically affordable price.

Don't Know Where to start?

Experience our FREE Client Needs Assessment. Our experts will perform interviews along with accessing your records management needs to determine how to better manage your records, increase office efficiency, and reduce costs.

Records Storage and Management

Businesses today are in constant demand of their important records. With the amount of information that businesses are required to retain increasing, businesses are forced to retain vast amounts of records. At the same time, the laws regulating the records protection and retention are becoming more stringent. Many organizations attempt to store records in self-storage facilities or in high-cost office space. Both of these options are more expensive then Sherlock Records Management and they don't resolve the issue of managing the records. Business records hold a great deal of operational, financial, and legal value. Juggling the options of storage, records legal integrity, and quick access is a constant battle.


Sherlock Records Management is the answer to your problems. We understand the complex issues that businesses have with their valuable records. By storing records in our safe, secure facility, records are out of sight and out of mind, but available within a moment's notice. At Sherlock Records Management we work as an extension of our client's office. Records Storage is unlike Records Management. All boxes are labeled and tracked using advanced barcode technology to ensure records are never lost and quickly found. By managing and tracking retention periods and the life cycle of documents, clients are notified when boxes have reached their appropriate retention period. With our 24/7 courier service access to records is never an issue. If records are needed electronically, our scan on demand delivery allows businesses to receive a scanned copy of documents or files through our secure web portal right on your desktop.


You will feel relieved in knowing that Sherlock Records Management will track your records from start to finish and you will know that they are safe from falling into the wrong hands or getting lost in transition. Only our bonded staff is allowed in our warehouse and you will feel confident that your records are being managed with the upmost care. Now is the time to let Sherlock Records Management take the worry of records storage out of your day to day business and getting started is easy!


Sherlock Records Management clients typically reduce their storage and management costs by 25-50%!


To find out how Sherlock Records Management can help you get organized and save money Contact Us Today!

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