Records Storage and Management

Sherlock has secure and reliable records storage services that free up office space and makes files more readily available.

Solutions for - Healthcare Solutions

Painless Electronic Medical Records. Transitioning to EMR is a painful and daunting task. Sherlock has solutions that enable easy migration from paper to digital format.

Paperless solutions

Sherlock's exciting new product suite CentreView allows businesses to go paperless with a solution that fits their needs and budget.

Sharepoint Imaging & ECM

Collaborate within your organization while having your electronic content in front of you at all times. All of this can be done at an economically affordable price.

Don't Know Where to start?

Experience our FREE Client Needs Assessment. Our experts will perform interviews along with accessing your records management needs to determine how to better manage your records, increase office efficiency, and reduce costs.

Sharepoint Imaging & ECM

Many companies today are taking advantage of Microsoft SharePoint as their business collaboration tool. Microsoft's most popular platform for collaboration and web applications can be fully leveraged as a complete Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. No longer do you have to utilize proprietary software from niche vendors to help you control and utilize your critical business information. With CentreView for SharePoint, you can extend your Microsoft investments and use this exciting and popular platform as an industry standard ECM solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise-class solutions.


Benefits of a SharePoint ECM solution include:


  • Provide access to information directly from the desktop for authorized users
  • Quick user adoption by utilizing many of the technologies that you currently use.
  • Protect and secure information from mishandling or accidental loss. Enhance compliance or governance initiatives.
  • Integration with Line of Business applications.
  • Keep the right information for the right periods of time.
  • Improve workplace productivity and operational efficiency via collaboration and workflow technologies.


In order to see how SharePoint can increase your office productivity and propel your organization to new heights Contact Us today!

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Records Storage and Management
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Sharepoint Imaging & ECM
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