Records Storage and Management

Sherlock has secure and reliable records storage services that free up office space and makes files more readily available.

Solutions for - Healthcare Solutions

Painless Electronic Medical Records. Transitioning to EMR is a painful and daunting task. Sherlock has solutions that enable easy migration from paper to digital format.

Paperless solutions

Sherlock's exciting new product suite CentreView allows businesses to go paperless with a solution that fits their needs and budget.

Sharepoint Imaging & ECM

Collaborate within your organization while having your electronic content in front of you at all times. All of this can be done at an economically affordable price.

Don't Know Where to start?

Experience our FREE Client Needs Assessment. Our experts will perform interviews along with accessing your records management needs to determine how to better manage your records, increase office efficiency, and reduce costs.

Client Needs Assessment

Sherlock Records Management employs a unique and highly beneficial service called a "Client Needs Assessment." A Client Needs Assessment has great beneficial value to any organization. Understanding a company's record keeping issues requires an assessment based on your personal needs and requirements. These services must be client-centric and focus on your entire records management process rather than a simple solution based on cost of storage. A Client Needs Assessment can uncover hidden risks and unfelt pain. Simply put, the assessment acts as a diagnostic tool. The benefit to you, the client, is that recommendations for productivity improvements and cost savings are rooted in fact-based analysis and proof sources supported by your validation. The process is automated, saves time and can be implemented immediately.


Outsourcing administrative support activities requires a partnership with the outsourced resource. It requires an agreement that is supported by both parties to improve process management and control while reducing cost and risk. Before anyone can control cost or risk they must identify them, calculate savings and maximize the investment for the product or service.


Let us conduct a no risk; no cost client needs assessment of your current records management system. Sherlock Records Management offers two different approaches, a simple needs assessment with a small investment of your time, or a more sophisticated approach which involves a questionnaire, interview, and a walk about to fully understand your unique business records environment so we can offer recommendations for cost and efficiency improvements.


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Records Storage and Management
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