Records Storage and Management

Sherlock has secure and reliable records storage services that free up office space and makes files more readily available.

Solutions for - Healthcare Solutions

Painless Electronic Medical Records. Transitioning to EMR is a painful and daunting task. Sherlock has solutions that enable easy migration from paper to digital format.

Paperless solutions

Sherlock's exciting new product suite CentreView allows businesses to go paperless with a solution that fits their needs and budget.

Sharepoint Imaging & ECM

Collaborate within your organization while having your electronic content in front of you at all times. All of this can be done at an economically affordable price.

Don't Know Where to start?

Experience our FREE Client Needs Assessment. Our experts will perform interviews along with accessing your records management needs to determine how to better manage your records, increase office efficiency, and reduce costs.


Many businesses today are interested and intrigued at the thought of going paperless. At Sherlock Records Management, we utilize a consultative approach and weigh all the options that organizations have with regards to records management. Rather than trying to sell one particular product or solution, we sit down with you to find out your requirements and objectives. We then consult with our experts to bring you the most economical and functional solution for your needs. Every clients needs are different so assessing if they should manage their paper records or should start moving towards a paperless environment is our unique approach.


The ability to capture, manage, use, and protect electronic business information is becoming a requirement in today's security conscious and regulatory business environment.  Too many organizations are suffering and are at risk from their "digital landfills" of voluminous quantities of email, office documents and other digital content sitting on their networks and computers in uncontrolled and unmanaged manners.


Whether you are looking to move towards a paperless environment or already have an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. Have Sherlock's elite team of industry-veterans evaluate your particular business requirements and select the appropriate enterprise content or document management solution that will help you manage and control your digital content - while providing you with productivity and efficiency gains in your business processes as well.


CentreView for Windows

For those organizations that do not have a SharePoint strategy, nor have any interest in using SharePoint for ECM applications, CentreView for Windows provides a more traditional approach to ECM applications.


With CentreView for Windows, you are provided with a premise-based software application that is physically installed, managed and operated within your Information Technology infrastructure. CentreView then provides you with modern tools for capturing, storing, managing and accessing all types of information (content) regardless of file type or format.


With easy desktop/browser access, users can locate and work with information electronically based upon their security rights or role within the organization.


CentreView Online

Our most popular option, CentreView Online provides the same features and functionality found in CentreView for Windows - in a convenient "cloud" or hosted service model. In essence, CentreView online provides you with security authorized access to your business information from any desktop with access to the world-wide web.


CentreView Online removes the hassles and/or fears of having to make large investments in Information Technology, people resources or systems to maintain.


With CentreView Online, you get access to all of your information, to unlimited numbers of authorized users, with the comfort of the information being stored and managed in a Tier 1, SAS 70 compliant Data Center with complete backup and data replications to a secondary failover Data Center. We guarantee 99.5% uptime to your information to support mission critical business applications.

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Records Storage and Management
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